Anything worth doing is worth doing well. In order to act on this belief I follow a healthy design process that involves thorough research and strategizing prior to designing.
A Universal Genius must use a healthy design process that involces thorough research and strategizing.

Research, Planning, & Strategy

Before I start designing, I research and analyze your industry, brand, competitors and if applicable your products.

I do this to understand your unique needs and business context in order to develop a strategy that is aligned with both your short-term desires and long-term goals.

Prototyping & Design

After doing research and establishing a destination we are now in a position to seek many different ways to get there.

At this point I begin to prototype and work on visual design. With your feedback, this is where I work my magic, ideas begin to take shape and we find a solution.

Developement & Implementation

Once we have picked a solution it’s time to further develop and polish it.

Websites and applications will be programmed and tested till they work exactly as they should. Printed materials will be sent out to professional printers to ensure high-quality finished products.

Feedback, Improve, & Manage

The project has launched, now what? Well, to be the best you have constantly keep getting better, so we will gather feedback in order to determine how we can continuously make improvements.

This kind of long-term relationship often leads to the highest-quality results.

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